Art is one of the many forms of expression other than the use of words, and can be much more meaningful on its own rather than speaking through conversation. Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as a painting or sculpture.

Anime is one of the many forms of art that can be used to express emotion and meaning on a global scale, by using animation to bring life to the characters and story. Over the years, anime has evolved from generation to generation, and many creators have developed different styles of art that visually appeal to the audience. But, back in the day, anime art was quite different than how it is today.

Yet, these older anime have a special place in people’s hearts, and have become a classic favorite of anime fans. Today, you may come across 1 or 2 anime that have eye-catching designs, but a ridiculously horrible story. The real question now is: “Does art in anime matter?”

Does it make a difference on how anime fans will react to the show? Will they be able to watch this show regardless of its outrageous plotline as long as the characters look pretty? Or would they prefer an old anime back in the 90’s that have a far more decent story?

It’s still all a big question mark, but soon we’ll find the answers to our questions by looking back at history.


Let’s take a look at Fullmetal Alchemist (2003). When I was a little kid, I used to watch Mermaid Melody and your typical Sailor Moon. I then moved on to watching anime such as Free! and the like. My only problem was, I only watched anime that looked “pretty” enough to satisfy my standard of what I think looks “pretty”. This led me to missing out on a lot of good anime until I reached highschool.

If you’re wondering what kind of anime I watched during the span of my elementary days, I watched stuff like Chuunibyou at that time.


It was only until highschool that I grew out of my phase and was able to watch Fullmetal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter and even Fate/Stay Night (2003). You’re probably thinking:

“Wow! Took you that long?!”

Yes, it took me that long. But judging from my experience, I think that art plays a really important part in the making of an anime.


I’ve heard from many fans, that art shouldn’t be the basis of a good anime. Which all in all, is exceptionally true. This also applies to the quote “You cannot judge a book by its cover.” Although, I doubt anyone would want to watch a show that looks like chicken scratch. Visual images and depiction is what makes an animation, and if one were to not pay mind to the art, it could turn out to be its downfall.


Creators pay a lot to to detail and craft their work to the best of their abilities, which is why art does matter. But if we were to critique the story on the otherhand, that’s a different matter.

The story itself is also a very important factor, that one might say the plot is the brain of the anime. It is where everything starts and ends. I think a lot of problems young fans have, is that they base how “good” an anime is by the artwork. This was the same case for me. If I didn’t like the art, the anime was already crap. If it looked decent, it instantly became my favorite.

The story and the art are both a completely different aspect of anime, and should never be lumped in together. Art, does matter in anime but it should never serve as your basis for judgement if the anime is good or not. Many people often make the same mistake of saying: “Art doesn’t matter in an anime.” But, it’s a completely different meaning in itself which is why it should be phrased better.

“Don’t judge an anime by its art.”

Sounds better right?

I guess, I’ve finally gotten my answer. Art does matter in an anime. It matters, and it can tell so many things in one picture.


“So, does art matter? Of course it does. I’ve known it along, silly me.”

I really enjoyed writing this article in all honesty, and I hope to have the chance to write something like this again. Today, I stumbled upon a variety of Violet Evergarden gifs, and I have an obsession with Violet Evergarden (a very bad one too). Which is why this random thought came to mind: “Is art really that important in anime?”. I began to ponder upon this question and think, and I recalled to back in the day when I was still young. So, this article more or less is a letter to my past self and some sort of reflection. I also want to address this article to those who are like me when I was younger. I hope that this message can be passed on.




My baby is still cute as ever in this episode.


In this episode, we finally reach the peak of Yukihira and Kuga’s showdown. Last episode, Yukihira was able to claim 1st place in the Central Area with his Chinese cuisine. After hearing the announcement that Kuga had dropped to 2nd place, Kobayashi Rindo, the 2nd seat of the Elite Ten immediately makes her way to Kuga’s booth.


She ends up teasing him about it and Kuga goes full tsun-tsun mode (he’s so cute here). Kuga is a bit disappointed with the results, but ends up being a fair sport so he asks Yukihira his plans for their Shokugeki. Yukihira then gives him this surprised look and tells him the battle isn’t over yet because he still needs to beat Kuga in total sales and that there’s still one more day left to the Moon Festival.


The last day of the Moon Festival arrives, and Yukihira Soma is busy at work. Although Soma did do his best, he still wasn’t able to beat Kuga in total sales and ended up getting 2nd place instead while Kuga got 1st.


The Alidini Brothers also got 1st place in their area, with RS Don following in 2nd and the Shiomi Research Group in 3rd, which is understandable considering how much they bickered over the menu. They could have gotten 1st place with the members they have, I mean like you have Nakiri, Ryo and even Hayama who won the Autumn Election, they just had a lot (more than a lot) of arguments along the way.

After the announcements are made, Kuga is found inside his booth talking with Kobayashi Rindo. They talk about how the battle had no victors, since Yukihira didn’t beat him in total sales and Kuga didn’t get 1st place for 5 days in a row. ‘So? What if Kuga didn’t get 1st place for 5 days in a row? How does that fit in the story?’ You’re probably thinking that right now, but we get a flashback and Kuga actually makes a deal with Tsukasa Eishi, the 1st seat that if he gets 1st place for 5 days in a row in the Moon Festival like Tsukasa did, they will have another Shokugeki.

‘Wait.. Tsukasa and Kuga had a Shokugeki before?!’ We’re taken back to nostalgia land once more as Kobayashi Rindo remembers that when Kuga was still a little fetus, ah wait, have some fetus Kuga photos before I continue.


Ahem, moving on (he’s so cute with his old hair though), Rindo remembers that Kuga had said the same thing Yukihira said when they were having tea with the Elite Ten. But, unlike Yukihira who got rejected right away, Kuga was actually able to get a Shokugeki with Tsukasa Eishi but ended up losing to him completely which is why he wants a rematch.


Basically, in this part of the anime we learn more about my precious baby Kuga as they have a talk about the old times with Rindo.

In the next scene we then see Yukihira and Tadokoro closing up shop and stuff, but Rindo comes over to interrupt them. She then invites Yukihira and Tadokoro to come with her to the Yamanote Area to try Tsukasa’s cooking, because it could be a learning experience for the two, but mostly because of the reason Tsukasa’s booth is the last booth Rindo hasn’t tried yet. And yes, she visited all the booths on like 4 days (I guess?).

Yukihira and Tadokoro agree to her invitation and head up to the Yamanote Area where it seems like a completely different world for the two.


The three then enter Tsukasa’s booth and are seated at a table as they watch Tsukasa cook right before them. Yukihira and Tadokoro then realize that there are only 3 tables in his booth since Tsukasa is the only chef doing all the cooking for the 9 course meal he’s planned. Yukihira and Tadokoro are amazed by this and think that Tsukasa must have a lot of confidence in himself, but Rindo tells them it’s more like Tsukasa’s afraid that someone else would mess up his dish.


He’s pretty pessimistic, wait scratch that, he’s really pessimistic.

Once Tsukasa’s done cooking, the three are then served this weird looking dish with shrimp in it and soup (?). I don’t know, I will never be able to understand rich people food.


Yup, will never be able to understand rich people food for sure.

As I was saying, they’re served this dish and we obviously get foodgasms from them cause it’s Food Wars! It’s just not complete without the foodgasms. Yukihira then starts rambling about culinary and spats some chef talk that I will never be able to comprehend for the rest of my life.

But, to summarize what he said, each of Tsukasa’s dish basically complements the other dishes since it is a 9 course meal. While they are eating, Tsukasa approaches them acting all pessimistic again, but Rindo tells him that being too pessimistic can be a bother to the customers he’s serving. Tadokoro agrees on this, and Tsukasa leaves to go entertain the other guests.

Rindo then tells them that Tsukasa’s been named as the ‘White Knight of the Table’ because to Tsukasa, the ingredients are like his masters. He doesn’t put any of his passion of cooking into his dishes, and only uses the ingredients to enhance one another to make an amazing dish. Did I get that right? I hope I got that right.


After they’re finished eating, Yukihira and Tadokoro roam the Yamanote Area since Yukihira wants to eat more of the Yamanote Area’s food. But, Tadokoro tells him that they don’t have enough money and tries to stop him. Yukihira then remembers that they don’t have any pine tickets, but soon realizes that there was still Nakiri’s place to go to and they could eat there since she owes him one.

Tadokoro sweat drops, and feels like Yukihira forced Nakiri to be indebted to him but goes along with him anyways. And, speaking of Nakiri Erina, we get to see a few scenes in this episode of how Nakiri’s booth has been faring for the past few days. Everything’s all fine and dandy, and it seems like Nakiri’s been waiting for a certain someone to come, which is Yukihira’s father. Although, a party pooper comes to destroy the fun and Nakiri’s father, Nakiri Azami comes strutting in the room looking like an albino serial killer.


Damn, look at that white skin. Uh, anyways, upon his entrance Nakiri and Hisako are frightened at his sudden arrival and Nakiri is shaking. Her father then starts spouting stuff about how commoners or low class people aren’t fit to eat her cooking. This obviously offends the customers dining at Nakiri’s booth, but he doesn’t give a fuck and takes the seat she’s been reserving for Yukihira’s father. Nakiri doesn’t know what to do at this point, but thanks to Yukihira just arriving on time just like the goofy goofball he is, Nakiri’s father is disgusted by his behavior and leaves saying hes lost interest.

While outside of Nakiri’s booth, there are a numerous amount of cars surrounding the place shining lights on Nakiri Azami making him look whiter when he’s already white as he is. Nakiri’s grandfather steps up to confront Azami and the two have an argument. Azami says that Totsuki Academy has devolved thanks to the presence of common people, and that only those of high class should belong here. On the otherhand, Nakiri’s grandfather argues that as long as they have the skill, anyone can climb up the ladder of Totsuki Academy whether they are poor or rich. This grabs the attention of the people inside Nakiri’s booth and they watch as the Nakiri’s battle it out.


Supposedly, Nakiri Azami was banned and shouldn’t be allowed to come back to Totsuki Academy, and that no matter how much he doesn’t like their system, his solitary complaint won’t change anything. Although, Azami has somehing up his sleeve and shows a letter from the Elite Ten, telling Nakiri’s grandfather that Totsuki had devolved, and that Azami should be made the new headmaster due to the fact that the majority of the Elite Ten has voted for him to be new headmaster. Now, why does that change anything? The Elite Ten are known to have higher authority than the teachers, staff and even headmaster which is why the votes of the Elite Ten do matter.

Nakiri’s grandfather is shocked at this, and falls on his knees. Now for sure, we know that Totsuki is fucked.


Well, I found this episode really interesting. I’m thrilled to see how everything plays out from here, I actually thought that the highlight of this anime would be the Moon Festival, but it turns out something more exciting is happening. Can’t wait to see albino serial killer in action as the new headmaster.

Headmaster Azami, good luck.




During October 28, Saturday, I was attending a local convention around my area after being invited by my friends to hang out and help them promote their art. I was pretty much vacant for the whole day, and had no plans, so why not? Around that time I was also saving up money just for the sake of it, and I brought that money with me feeling confident that I would totally have the same amount of money by the end of the day. But, oh god, I was so wrong.

Very wrong, indeed.

I had realized I had used up half of my savings and was left with around 40 bucks or so, when I had somewhere around 500 in the beginning. Warning: Artist alley is a dangerous place y’all. And so, as a fellow otaku, someone who shares your pain of wanting to buy merchandise for your beloved anime, I am willing to share a few tips on how to not waste your money and end up like me.




When you make your first step into Artist Alley or either in the Dealer’s Hall, eventually you’ll be bombarded with many items that you want to buy. You want to buy prints, buttons, t-shirts, plushies and so forth. But, once you start spending mindlessly, you’ll realize you’ll be left with so little at the end of the day. In order to counter this, I recommend you set a budget for yourself at that certain day, and make sure it’s a reasonable amount. Now, all you have to do is STICK to that budget. Discipline plays a big role here because you need to be able to have the self control of resisting the urge to buy all that pretty art, and especially the body pillows. Start by practicing on how to say ‘No’. Say no to all the temptations of the devil. He’s making you waste your money!



Doctors and nurses do their rounds at the hospital all the time, so why can’t we? Now, don’t give me that face. Walking can be tiring, but hey it’s worth the trouble. So, whatever do I mean by ‘Do your rounds’? What I mean by this is, before you buy an item you want, you should tour the whole Dealer’s Hall first. I’ve come across experiences where I bought a plushie for around 30 bucks, but ended up finding another plushie (the same exact one) for the price of 20. Look, I could have saved $10. So, make sure you walk around the place and check every nook and cranny if you can get a cheaper price for the item you’re looking for.



This part is really important because the same thing happens to me most of the time. I usually end up buying posters or stickers with characters who I am not a big fan of  are but buy them anyways because why not? Yes, something is wrong with me. Up until now, I still have a Love Live! and Himouto Umaru-chan poster which I have not used or even placed on my wall for like 1 minute. I’m not even a fan of Love Live! (what was I thinking?). Don’t be like me. Buy things with the characters that you want and don’t just buy them because you have some cash to spare in your pocket, save them for another time when you come across something you’ll really want in the future.

Hopefully, this was at least of some help to you my reader. I pray that you won’t end up using your whole wallet in the span of 5 seconds.


Haha, get it? 5 seconds? Haha. Ok, I’m out. (Bad joke, but it’s close enough right?)




As we all know, the art and the plot are very important factors in the making of an anime. The art gives life to the characters of the story, and the plot is what sets everything in motion. But, music is also another aspect that we must consider, as it also helps set the mood for certain scenes. When you encounter a sad scene in an anime, the music is one of the things that hint the watcher that this is a sad scene.

And so, in order to give the music composers the praise they deserve, I have decided to make a list about my Top 3 favorite composers of all time. And no, I’m not doing a top 3 because I was too lazy to do a top 5. Nope. Not at all.





So, I didn’t expect to be doing a tagged post. But, since I was kindly tagged enough by the wonderful Matt, I decided I might as well do it anyway. Here are the following rules for this tag:


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The creator of this tag goes by the name Asqa, she writes posts about poetry, inspiring quotes and DIY’s.


I was tagged by Matt-in-the-Hat. He writes mostly about anime, and even video games on different platforms.


Hmm, I’m not used to talking about myself online but I’ll try (I guess). One of the strengths I’m proud of is being good at Biology. I’m pretty confident when it comes to Biology and I especially love learning the subject itself. I’m also open with others and willing to talk to new people. I may seem cold and distant on the outside, but once you start talking to me I will immediately open up to you.

The thing I love about myself is that I never overreact, and am not sensitive when it comes to critique. When someone critiques my work, I listen to what they have to say first and try to improve on my weak points. I am also very persistent and will do whatever it takes to reach a certain goal.


My inspiration? A lot of people have become my inspiration. Some of them are content creators online, my friends and my family (obviously). They all support me in times when I feel like giving up, and they help me get back up on my feet again. They have made my life happier when things seemed to be going downhill. Another person who has become a big inspiration in my life was a man I met through a lecture (whose name I cannot mention for privacy, he told us he doesn’t want to be exposed to media so I can’t say his name). He taught me that I should have more courage and confidence in myself, and that the only obstacle that is stopping me from achieving my dreams is me. Thanks to him, I have the courage to pursue the career I’ve always wanted  which at first felt so far from my grasp.


The one advice I can give others who are in doubt, is to simpy have courage. Have more courage and confidence in yourself because it is only you who is stopping yourself. What would life be if we didn’t have the courage to attempt anything?

I also know the pain of others, who always feel like that nothing ever goes right for them. I have learned from my experiences that the world doesn’t adjust to the way we want it to, and some things never go according to plan. But, they are the things that keep us going. Don’t be afraid.

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.


I am tagging:


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Well, here’s to me hoping I did this tag right. I’ve never been one to do tags like this, but I decided to try it once in a while and it was surprisingly fun to write. Luckily, I had a lot of free time so I was able to write this. Will I ever do this again? Probably.


“City of Stars, are you shining just for me? City of Stars there’s so much that I can’t see. Who knows? Is this the start of something wonderful and new? Or one more dream, that I cannot make true.”




Violet Evergarden just came out with a new PV, and I am totally not fangirling over this video and replaying it about a million times that it could break Youtube’s already broken system.


If you guys haven’t seen it, I suggest you go watch it:

Violet Evergarden PV 3

But, if you are not aware of what Violet Evergarden itself is, then you are missing out on a lot my friend! First of all, Violet Evergarden is a Japanase light novel written by Kana Akatsuki while the beautiful illustrations are done by Akiko Takase.

But, really though. The artwork is god damn eye candy.


Not only are the visuals the stunning thing about this light novel, but the story itself brings people to tears as well (including me). The light novel focuses on our heroine Violet Evergarden who is known to be an auto memories doll that writes letters if you hire her. The light novel shares to us the experiences and adventures Violet encounters as she is hired by different people while some of the chapters focus more on her backstory (which I cried over so much).

Violet Evergarden is going to be adapted into an anime by KyoAni which I’m super happy about since I know that KyoAni will do a wonderful job of handling this anime. If it was a studio other than KyoAni, I don’t think they’ll be able to do the same quality of work that KyoAni does (sorry).

I believe Violet Evergarden is coming out next year on January, which is why I’m itching for the months to pass quicker because I am a diehard fangirl of Violet Evergarden.

I am very, very excited indeed.





Ousama Game is a new anime series that made its debut this Fall 2017. I expected a lot from it, but once again I was given false hope.

Some of you readers may be curious as to why I dropped Ousama’s game, and I have a few reasons why.


The anime’s got a cool concept, but it’s poorly done. Period, end of story.


From the first episode, I was already irritated by the main character. In the scene where the class started teasing Nobuaki about him having a thing for the female heroine (whose name I forgot). He started shouting in the middle of the class (as if that will help everyone understand). They way he shouts too is done in a really aggravating manner.


In episode 2, there’s a flashback in the middle of something important? What? I was so confused that I couldn’t even grasp the situation anymore. Why would they do that?



Our heroine Natsuko (yes, I finally remembered) already wants the D by episode 1. This was a big turn off for me especially. But in episode 2 she suddenly wabts Nobuaki to die? What? Tell me what’s going on here biatch. You on your period?

Overall, I found the show boring and dull to be honest. It does nothing to catch my attention and make me watch it. It’s basically one of those shows with a cool concept but does a shitty job of executing it. I like the idea of the King’s game but it’s big disappointment is the way it carries that concept into the plot of the anime.

I know other watchers here actually think the show is pretty decent, but I found it cringy while I was watching it. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so feel free to tell me what you think of the show in the comments below!